Who we are


We empower businesses to be what they CHOOSE to be…

Choose is a 360 Consulting Agency with exceptional expertise in Strategy, Research & Analysis, Communication, Advertising and Digital services.

Since 2003 Choose has been evolving constantly. With strategic thinking deeply embedded in its DNA, the company’s capabilities have developed around how to provide integrated, value added and insightful solutions to its clients, always targeting growth and excellence.

Starting its course from designing and implementing winning advertising campaigns, Choose has been growing alongside its clients. In doing so it has been innovating and enhancing its portfolio by offering the full spectrum of services that modern businesses need in order to successfully navigate through today’s complex business environment and thrive rather than simply stay afloat.


We offer choice between winning solutions…

In a rapidly changing global business environment, characterized by highly volatile political, economic and social interrelationships, there is no definite recipe for success. Responding to current and future challenges and setting course towards growth requires developing skills and most of all continuous alignment between strategy, goals and results.

In this context, our mandate is to offer our clients value-added services while holding true to values such as excellence, sustainability and business ethics. We therefore strive to offer insightful and innovative solutions that help businesses carve their own path to growth. Whether it be business strategy, product/service development and commercialization, communicating with various stakeholders, promoting brands, establishing fruitful relations, designing campaigns and building reputation, we offer more than mainstream services.

We offer our clients a set of tested, evidence-based and tailor-made solutions along with the consulting support to help them formulate their winning mix!


We are pathfinders leading to solutions...

Finding the way to sustainable growth in the long term is the utmost challenge for every business in every industry. As a business ourselves we are aware of that! Oftentimes the path to development can be somewhat blurry or difficult to identify and follow. You need experienced pathfinders that will scout the road ahead and help you stay on course. This is exactly how our clients see us: As pathfinders that help them navigate through uncharted territories. As explorers that interpret signs and process new information. As scouts that identify and assess risks and threats, as well as opportunities and new value along the way and steer to new direction..

The end result depends on the choices made during the course.

We simply provide businesses with insightful counsel and we put on the table the optimum set of choices and the best available solutions to choose from. Then, we help them achieve their goals and reach their desired destination by implementing their own mix of strategic choices effectively and consistently.