Strategic Consulting

Advisory at the highest organizational level is the starting point of every successful course of action…

In a complex and ever evolving financial and regulatory environment, strategic counseling adds significant value to the decision-making process. Leaders, whether in the private or public sector, need of evidence-based advice in order to make unbiased decisions and set the course of action.

At Choose we offer high-end “boardroom consulting” services and guidance on tackling regulatory matters, anticipating and adapting to policy changes, identifying new market trends and possible risks. Essentially, we help leaders help develop a strategic course of action and an implementation plan.

Our approach is based on our comprehensive knowledge of the political, economic and regulatory environments and our capacity to align this knowledge with our clients’ goals and objectives and the realities of those environments.

Our Strategic Consulting services include:

  • Political & Business intelligence analysis & reporting
  • Regulatory & Policy Insights
  • Risk assessment
  • Leadership counselling & CEO Profiling
  • Market Access
  • Living Business development
  • Sustainable transformation
  • Innovative Operating Models architecture


Pathfinding & Project Management

Insightful thinking requires hands-on implementation…

In a fast-paced environment, finding the correct pathway to problem solving requires research, analysis and accurate allocation of resources, assets that an organization may or may not possess. Finding the right path to navigate through modern demands depends on data-driven knowledge, targeted action planning and effective implementation.

At Choose we work methodically and rely on data research and analysis that helps us propose insightful solutions that add value to our clients’ by bringing them one step closer to the realization of their goals. We then design the action plan and setup the project management mechanism to implement those tailor-made solutions to the clients’ benefit.

Our Pathfinding & Project Management services include:

  • Data Research & Analysis services
  • Tailored Product/Services design & development
  • Customer Insight & Growth path navigation
  • Customer-centric solutions development
  • Documentation
  • Project management, Action Plan & Implementation
  • Search & Content Analysis
  • Immersive Customer Experience design


Communication & PR

Tell your story.. Don’t just engage your audiences.. Intrigue them..constantly..

Customers, investors and other key-stakeholders are not inspired only by great products and services. In a highly competitive business environment audiences demand to know more. After all it is the brand that customers have to trust first before choosing its products. It is the operational efficiency that will convince investors to trust a company. It is regulatory compliance that will attract institutional allies and business ethics and corporate citizenship that will persuade communities to accept a brand.

In an era where anyone is a “news broadcaster” and fake news become ever harder to spot, businesses must maintain an extrovert stance towards their audiences.

With its proven experience, Choose is uniquely positioned to act as a 360 communication partner. We are exceptional story-tellers, because we are capable of understanding the messages a business needs to convey, and identifying the right audiences and the optimum channels of communication. But first and foremost, because we can create unique, original, innovative and relevant content for all communication platforms. Conveying the message is the easy part. We go all the way in helping businesses and organizations formulate their messages, target the appropriate audiences and utilize the most effective channels of communication to maximize results and help enhance the brand’s reputation.

Our Communication & PR services include:

  • Integrated Communication strategy
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Corporate communication
  • Public & Corporate Affairs
  • Stakeholders mapping & engagement
  • Crisis & Issues Management (Crisis Communication manual & training)
  • Reputation management
  • Media Relations/Press Office
  • Media & Public Speaking Training
  • Political Communication
  • Campaign Management
  • Financial Communication
  • Litigation Communication
  • Investor Relations
  • CSR
  • Advocacy & Local Community Engagement
  • Internal Communication & Employee Engagement
  • Brand Communication



Content is King.. Creativity is the Queen..

It takes more than a quality, fantastic product to get the consumers’ attention.
You need a compelling concept that speaks to the minds and hearts of your potential customers. A concept that highlights the brand’s USPs in an original and effective manner.

Creative content design is what we have been doing at Choose all along. It is the very essence of our existence. From concept creation and application to all marketing material, to media planning/buying and account management, Choose offers value added services to brands through its excellent understanding of how the marketing funnel operates.

Our marketeers are committed to creating meaningful advertising campaigns ensuring maximum ROI by creating awareness and building relationships.

Our Advertising services include:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Concept creation
  • Creative design
  • Branding
  • Media planning & buying
  • Account management
  • Promo activities


Digital & Technology

Digital and technology “savvy” is more than simply “nice to have”…

We live in the digital age. The use of new technologies and digital tools is rapidly taking over old practices and processes in all aspects of personal, public and business conduct. Today, the adoption and implementation of a digital transformation strategy is a must rather than an option for businesses and organizations that wish to remain competitive and tackle issues efficiently.

Whether it comes to strategy, content creation, creative design or any other service, digital and modern technology is the common element across the entire spectrum of our practice and offered solutions. It is not a matter of “either / or”. For us, digital is a must and the implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions is the only way ahead.

Our Digital & Technology services include:

  • Digital Strategy design
  • Digital Media Buying & Planning
  • Social Media
    • Content strategy
    • Community building & management
    • Online reputation management
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Digital Marketing
    • SEM
    • SEO
    • Google Ads
    • Performance Marketing
    • Content Marketing
  • Web design and administration
  • IT Strategy & Transformation
  • Digital Engineering
  • Intelligent Platform & Application design

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